welcome to

join our community and be a part of the journey in reimagining anime and manga in web3.

we're a community of creators and builders whose goal is to reimagine anime and manga on web3.

our mission is a collective of fans, creators, and builders globally working together as a community through art and technology.

the core ethos of is to shape and support new ways of creating and experiencing the essence of anime & manga. we support and promote members bringing a new perspective through unique self-expression and formats.

we are: a decentralized global network of multidisciplinary creators reimagining anime on web3

the why

up until now, there has only been one way of making anime content. decisions are made top down. creators create, producers produce, distributors distribute, and consumers consume. each exists as a siloed step in the process, all less than the sum of its parts.


we believe in a tomorrow where there are no gatekeepers. we believe in a community where fans and creators talk to each other and one another to create. the community will no longer be an afterthought, but the hub of anime passion and creation. only by coming together can our community be greater than the sum of our parts, and our voice be louder in unison.

together, our community of creators and fans alike can invest our time and resources, collaborate, and enjoy the fruits of our labor together.

about us

we're a collective of coders, artists, producers, and personalities that have past and current lives in anime, manga, crypto, and tech. we're believers of the pseudonymous nature of web3, but there's enough easter eggs sprinkled throughout for those who know, will know 😉

we have unfair advantages on our side. our multidisciplinary background, our unique connections to the community, and our conviction that web3 is inevitable.

we're all usually hanging out in the discord so head over to say hello!


buidl with us

we fundamentally believe that web3 will revolutionize how communities organize, collaborate, and create. we want to buidl towards this future together and learn along the way.

we need your help so join us on this amazing journey. here are some of the roles that we are always on the lookout for:

  • creators - have you created manga, animation, comics?

  • web3 builders - are you a designer, developer, or a web3 native?

  • community organizers - have you organized or moderated online communities, have a social following, or have experience with facilitating collabs and outreach?

if you are similarly passionate about the intersection of anime, manga, and web3, join us and let's buidl together! join our discord:


the road ahead

our community is growing and learning along the way. each project is meant to be sequenced and will build on top of the previous project towards our goal.

phase 1 - done

the starting point is 'Unit 00 - The Prototype'. we have assembled the team necessary and built a generative anime-inspired art project in order to 1) assemble the core team, 2) learn by building, 3) grow awareness of our community.

the initial NFT project mint has gone towards executing on developing new IP as a community.

phase 2 - in progress

from there, we are building 'Unit 01 - The Mangaverse'. we are expanding our vision by creating projects that 1) develop new IP collaboratively within the community, and at the same time 2) compensates artists and creators in a meaningful way, and 3) expands the community.

assembling the team

we are growing the community with those who can buidl with us towards Unit-00, Unit-01, and beyond.

for Unit-00, it is bring together artists, coders, fans to join the core community, onboarding ourselves onto web3, creating our first nft project.

the team includes:

  • former tech and product leads for large streaming and community platform
  • former content executives from disney, hulu, warner, toei animation
  • former creators who have worked on projects including dragon ball super, my hero academia, one piece, fullmetal alchemist, lupin, samurai champloo, and more

genesis nft


the initial collection of 9,001 generative NFTs built on ERC-721a. head over to the ShonenJunk website for more details!

what is the mangaverse..?


for any new platform, there must be new IP created that embrace its capabilities. web3 is our platform, and we are embracing what it means to create content on the blockchain.

superman was the first superhero for DC, and first existed in the medium of comics before becoming the cornerstone of the DC Universe.

we are setting out to create our own source material, our own IP, that is specialized for web3. this is what we call the mangaverse. an entire world of IP created by our community that is native to web3.

mangaverse is creating characters that exists in the medium of web3, and moving on to building worlds through connecting these characters, all powered by the community.

content building

PFPs have backstories that are waiting to be told & nothing ties communities together better than great stories.

the process of creating manga and anime has largely been perfected & optimized & we’re not here to reinvent the wheel. instead, we’re making modifications in order to create a path to connect creators and fans directly, to open up what’s typically a closed-door process.

introducing modular story-telling

unit 01 is to plant seeds for rich stories with community members involved along the way.

our creative development will be community driven. which character(s) should be the MC (main character)? what themes do you want the stories to explore? what tropes should be included? the creative team will solicit feedback from the community in shaping specific details of the story.

the output will be one-shots, story bibles, illustrations & concept art, animation tests, and various other intellectual property made by creators that adapts our NFTs into modular parts of our manga and anime universe. these will be the building blocks in which we build manga and anime. we plan to create NFTs from this set of output and give ShonenJunk holders priority access.

illustrations: we’ve been teasing this idea out with our creations we’ve been dropping over the past couple weeks. creator’s interpretation of a static PFP can take many forms and plant the seeds for future stories to grow.

original work created by the team

Original Art 1 Original Art 2 Original Art 3

one-shots: many of our favorite anime - naruto, dragon ball, one piece - began their journey as a one-shot.


Example Art 4 Example Art 5

concept art: a visual representation of the world(s) wherein the story reside.


Example Art 6

animation test: another form of a visual representation of the world(s) wherein the story reside, but with motion


Example Art 7

…but why?

everyone has their favorite characters, stories and moments they look fondly upon. an artist drew the character, a writer or creator came up with the story. yet, the show is owned by a few corporations, without much upside for those involved in creating the content in success.

these few decision makers decide what we watch, and who gets paid. even though it is the fans that are ultimately paying for the experience, and the creators ultimately creating it.

we believe there can be a fundamentally different approach to how content is created and who is involved. we believe that the community - fans and creators alike - can be empowered to create new IP, and that we don't have to follow any of the existing rules.

our characters and stories no longer need to be within their own silos, and we are giving decision making and ownership back to the fans and creators to make a new IP universe together.