Meet the team

We're veterans in the anime industry, with decades of experience collectively, alongside web3 native weebs that believe in the cause 😉

shinji // Software Engineer

crunchyroll co-founder, the original king roll. ramen is life. believe it~!

nobita // Janitor

ex-crunchyroll. worked in anime the past 8 years and convinced web3 is the way.

squidman // The Fixer

facts: squid usually live for 3 years in the wild. squidman has lived 5 lifetimes in anime.

billz // Marketing & Weeb Curator

A true warrior.... Doesn't need a sword

boppin // Weeb 3.0 Specialist

NFT marketer & community developer. Awakened the Sharingan at age 7. Spicy girl roll simp.

uncle niku // Content

hangs around the sausage factory, snacking on sakuga-flavored casings.

Sylvanas // Artist

Animation is the way to life. Life is is?

Maximilian // Designer

Gerwalkin' the last decade as a designer for anime & manga

ZombieBoy // Tinkerer

gamer, builder, hackerman. hold your fire! im a human!

ZZ // Frontman

Imagining the future of anime in web3… have I ever wielded a sword so heavy?

ShaolinKingFu // Multi-Media Producer

Never give up on your dreams.