Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Shonen Junk❓

A: Shonen Junk is an NFT collection with 9,001 unique anime characters that have been brought to life on the Ethereum blockchain. Shonen Junk started simply because we scoured the NFT landscape and didn’t find much weeb-representation. So we put together a cast of friends from both the anime & crypto industry to turn our vision into reality!

Q: Wen drop

A: Our genesis collection dropped early February.

Q: Is there a whitelist/reservation system❓

A: Yes! We want to show our gratitude for our earliest adopters, the ones who believe in our vision from day 1. For that reason, the first 1,000 members to join the discord and complete the steps listed in #whitelist will earn a minting reservation spot for up to 3 Shonen Junk NFT's. If you missed out on this offer, have no fear! There will be plenty of opportunities to earn a whitelisting spot. Hint: Pay close attention to the # │ announcements channel, keep an eye on our Twitter/socials, and most importantly, have fun within the community!

Q: Will there be a public drop❓

A: Yes! But, there's a catch. We want to prioritize true anime fans, so we will be holding a "Entrance Exam" (brief quiz) for the public mint. If you answer 5/10 questions correctly, you will be able to mint 1 Shonen Junk NFT. If you answer 10/10 correctly, you will be able to mint 2 Shonen Junk NFTs. We will be prioritizing based on those who complete the Quiz the earliest during the mint period.

Q: What’s the mint timeline❓

Mint timeline linked here

A: Entrance exam: Will open for 24 hours from 2/2 2:22PM PST to 2/3 2:22PM PST. See ‘Will there be a public drop❓’ 👆for details.

Whitelist mint: W/L guaranteed to be able to mint 2/2 2:22PM PST to 2/4 2:22PM PST for 0.05ETH. If you miss this 48 hour window, you can still mint if there is still supply left, for 0.05ETH.

Entrance exam mint: Quiz takers who completed and are eligible can mint starting 2/4 2:22PM PST for 0.08ETH.

Public mint: After 2/5 2:22PM PST, anyone can mint until sell out.

Q: Who is the team behind Shonen Junk❓

A: The base characters were created by an icon in anime character design & the props and additional traits were created by a team of veteran animators, who requested to stay anonymous for now 😉But just to give some hints, they’ve worked on some of our favorite anime: Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Lupin, Samurai Champloo, & more. They will be hanging out within the community so say hi when you spot them!

Q: What chain will Shonen Junk launch on❓

A: We’ll launch on Ethereum as a ERC-721 token standard.

Q: How much is each NFT❓

A: Whitelisted members: 0.05eth │ Public drop: 0.08eth

Q: What can I do with my Shonen Junk NFT's❓

A: Other than looking super cool, you'll be one of the earliest supporters of anime & manga on Web3. You'll also receive early access/whitelist for the future mints we already have planned out. Shonen Junk hodlers will also have access to members-only hangouts with animators and mangaka, and much more that we can't quite reveal just yet