What Are We Trying to Solve?


Up until now, there has only been one way of making anime content. Decisions are made top down. Creators create, producers produce, distributors distribute, and consumers consume. Each exists as a siloed step in the process, all less than the sum of its parts.

We believe in a tomorrow where there are no gatekeepers. We believe in a community where fans and creators talk to each other and one another to create. The community will no longer be an afterthought, but the hub of anime passion and creation. Only by coming together can our community be greater than the sum of our parts, and our voice be louder in unison. Together, our community of creators and fans alike can invest our time and resources, collaborate, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


What Are We Trying to Solve? (Part Deux)


For too long, creators have been relegated to the passenger's seat in the creation of anime. Business interests - TV broadcasters, toy manufacturers, even pachinko companies & DVD distributors - are largely what has "greenlit" the contents which we've come to love & enjoy. This means: 1) the anime industry is more or less incenticized to churning out uninspired content 2) value capture largely by said business interests 3) many creators are placed in a tough position between a work-for-hire situation vs. building towards what got them here in the first place - to tell stories that inspire them. Web3 (and we) have the potential to invert the relationship such that creators are in the driver's seat. It may seem like a subtle change at first glance, but the implications are profound.